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BOA Team GB, London

“Studiofibre have designed an environment for us that is perfect for purpose”

Bill Sweeney, CEO – British Olympic Association

“a new and dynamic environment”

Vicky Gosling, CEO – GB Snowsport

“providing opportunities in stimulating innovation”

Elaine Battson, CFO – British Paralympic Association








11,000 sq ft


Pantling Studio


The Story

Bringing together both the British Olympic Association and the British Paralympic Association under one roof (and on a very tight budget!) - this story is about teamwork and inclusivity with a strong focus on heritage and the diversity of British Sport in general.   


The main feature of the space is a ‘heritage wall’ which wraps the core of the building with a combination of physical and digital assets taking the viewer through a timeline and history lesson for both sets of games.  The Slatted timber display wall houses glass boxes with torches, medals, flags, kit, equipment and other objects of interest from past games within the context of a strong graphic timeline depicting an evolving branding, poster design for different locations and narrative for key milestones.


The layout and detailed design of the space is consciously inclusive accommodating for a wide range of disabilities and encouraging flow between both organisations.

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