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Fuse Valley, Porto

“The concept development for Fuse Valley in Porto gave us the opportunity to further evolve the 3D brand that we had created and developed over the past 8 years for Farfetch in various different global locations. 


Our aim was to capture the journey so far and to take this into the future, by remaining true to the past and retaining the most relevant elements of the Farfetch 3D brand experience, but also embracing the future and giving insight into where this journey is leading. 


Ultimately, we wanted to inspire Farfetchers and visitors to the campus to remember the past ... enjoy the present ... and shape the future !”

Fiona Livingston, Co Founder, Studiofibre


Design & Furniture




Due 2025


360,000 sq ft



Studiofibre Concept 1

The Story

The Fuse Valley development, based just outside Porto and designed by Bjarke Ingels Group ( BIG ) will house a new Farfetch campus with 12 interconnected buildings, the first phase of which (6 buildings, comprising 360,000 sq ft)  is expected to open in December 2025.


The Story for this concept design draws on the design language that we had created and developed for Farfetch in previous global locations and evolves it to offer a new era of Optimism in terms of materiality and form, breathing new life into objects, materials, ideas and culture by reclaiming, re-cycling & evolving them with innovative developments.


In terms of planning for the 6 buildings within this scheme, we began by taking a holistic overview in sympathy with the overall urban planning of the valley (designed as a community village by BIG) and approached the interior planning from both lateral & vertical perspectives, so that each ‘team neighbourhood’ would flow around the space between the buildings in addition to between the floors ... ultimately encouraging increased movement, discovery & serendipity.  Each of the buildings were designed as task-driven environments, allowing users the flexibility to ‘focus – learn – collaborate – socialise & pause’,  by consciously choosing their work setting for each task at hand, and giving them the freedom to ‘create their own day’.

Floor Plan_2
Floor Plan_1

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