NAP DC1, London, UK

NAP DC1, London, UK

Following on from the successful launch of NAP Westfield, the client's vision was to create 'NAP' environments in all future Net-A-Porter workplace locations. The concept was to be able to walk out of one NAP office and into another and be in the same 'space' [... regardless of global location].

The immediate challenge was to apply consistent design concepts from the huge volumes of Westfield NAP to the more modestly scaled workspace facilities at the NAP Distribution Centre in SW London.

'DC1' itself comprises of 110,000 sq ft. of warehouse and 26,000 sq ft. of associated offices/ amenities. These have been transformed and optimised into state of the art automated storage and retrieval warehouse facilities with the additional new 'on brand' NAP workspace environments [including 9000 sq ft. café/ restaurant] playing a significant role.

The client describes the spread of design language across all NAP facilities as truly democratic.

Interior Design; Studiofibre
Bespoke Furniture; Studiofibre
Furniture and Fittings; Studiofibre
Contractor; ODB/ Unique Interiors
Project Manager; MWA