With the 'real life' project constraints of budget and building context, Studiofibre maximized this design spend to create an innovative workspace, far removed from what you would usually expect of an office. The 32,000 sq. ft. building was very 'ordinary' but the client brief was for a completely 'less ordinary' solution.

As designer-makers ourselves Studiofibre's solution was to approach the project with a view to maintaining the building's infrastructure (from an economic perspective) and to make it less about 'construction' but more about 'craft' and 'curation'. Over 50% of the project's overall budget was spent on bespoke 'crafted' details (including beautifully crafted pine partitioning, OSB tea-points and plywood amphitheatre stairs) to create a 'handmade' feel throughout - and on the curation of a very 'eclectic' mix of furniture and props. Studiofibre engaged 4 joinery workshops to manufacture these bespoke aspects and procured items from over 300 different suppliers (many are NOTHS own sellers).

With a desire to 'live the brand' whilst feeling 'completely at ease', Studiofibre created an environment where staff would 'feel at home' but it would be far 'less ordinary' than home. A space that was exciting, inspiring, adventurous and constantly 'evolving'.

Approaching the space as if it were a large studio set, Studiofibre developed a system of bespoke 'set walls' with removable panelling for easy set creation on one side and agile cork 'pin-up' on the other side. This concept deals with the economic context of the project and for the brand it allows staff to interact with the products and partners that inspire them on a daily basis. Operationally, the spaces are incredibly collaborative and staff are able to inform their own environment by curating future furniture and props - updating them with time, trend and campaigns... perhaps the world's first 'shoppable' office?

Interior Design; Studiofibre
Bespoke Furniture Design & Fabrication; Studiofibre
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