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VC Booth

Designed in response to a specific requirement in today’s progressive workplaces but without the typical language
associated with this, the SpeakEasy VC Booth is a destination away from the ‘office’.

Transporting you to a spacious, well-lit, acoustically sound, naturally ventilated and comfortable micro environment that has been crafted from natural and recycled materials, it is perfect for taking and making calls... with endless talking and no gassing!

Enhanced acoustic properties due to the domed ceiling design, interior acoustic cladding and exterior acoustic glazing and with a table that is easily adjustable
the SpeakEasy allows every user to sit or stand at the height that best suits them... and to set the laptop camera at the best ‘picture-perfect’ angle ☺

Standard Size

Exterior: H2300 x W1200 x D1200mm

Interior: H2100 x W1060 x D1060mm

Height Adjustability of Table: 660 - 1060mm

Ceiling should be at least 2400mm high to facilitate installation


Standard External Finishes

Standard Internal Finishes - Acupanel System

Standard Internal Finishes - Upholstery woven entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic

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