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Farfetch, Los Angeles

“In an increasingly competitive technology and fashion landscape, happy employees are essential to create world class products services and experiences for our customers. This great space in the heart of Downtown LA has helped us to create a work environment which will foster highly engaged and motivated team members for many years to come.”

 Jeffery Fowler, President, North America, FARFETCH


Design & Furniture


Los Angeles


January 2019


25,000 sq ft


Pantling Studio


The Story

This Story draws on the design language that we created for Farfetch in previous global locations and evolves it to take on a distinctly LA vibe in terms of layout flow, attitude, materiality and colour palette.

Studiofibre created a new physical language for Farfetch by translating their pioneering and disruptive attitude into a different type of workplace with its own unique set of furniture to inspire the workforce and reinforce the company culture. 

Technology is ever present here as an enabler but the emphasis is always human with organic textures & finishes that excite the senses and engage the consciousness. Two separate sites make up the LA Urban Campus – where the individual is offered a background that values life experience, freedom and adaptability and a working culture that allows you to create and navigate your own day.

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