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Mary Katrantzou

“Studiofibre know luxury inside out & their approach is entirely bespoke”

Mary Katrantzou, Founder, MARY KATRANTZOU


Fast retail design, Fabrication & Installation


London & Paris


November 2017




Siobhan Doran


The Story

This story is one of speed, economics and succinct story-telling - designed to instantly capture the shoppers’ attention and ‘set the scene’ for the distinctive narrative of each of Mary Katrantzou’s vibrant collections.

Selfridges, London

Inspired by her project at Waddesdon Manor and the Rothschild collection of creatures and plants, Mary’s exquisite pieces in this collection are undeniably collectors’ items – which we highlighted by creating an installation of precious specimens, displayed in museum-style gilded birdcages.  This provided a ‘stage’ for key pieces, and a focus for social media moments and photo ops.

Le Bon Marché, Paris

For this collection, we were inspired by her revolutionary digital prints – conveying a sense of movement, luxurious textures, repeated graphic shapes and a kaleidoscope of colour.  Our challenge here however, was a lack of any walls to border the space and instead we used the floor and the ceiling to create a design that echoed Mary’s iconic ‘optic flower’ prints inviting shoppers to literally step into Mary’s world.

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